GSuite Exchange Impersonation error


Migrating from O365 or other to GSuite you get an impersonation error as follows:

Exchange Impersonation error. Unable to open user mailbox due to impersonation error. Please make sure impersonation is set properly. (11021)
Successfully migrated 0 emails
0 emails failed to be migrated

Error 11021
Impersonation for the mailbox is not allowed.
The administrator account provided does not have the ms-Exch-EPI-May-Impersonate permission on the user or contact that it is trying to impersonate, or on the mailbox database that contains the user mailbox. Correct the impersonation settings and see the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information.


    Log into to ECP e.g.
    Select the Permissions menu, then Admin Roles
    Create a new role by clicking on the + sign
    Give it a name e.g. GSuiteMigration
    Click on the + under roles and add the following
    Click the + sign under members and add the admin that requires the impersonation role
    Save and rerun the migration steps

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