MS Exchange – Remove a dead Exchange server from Active Directory


You are reviewing your Exchange server and running commands but they keep referring to a decommissioned or old email server and therefore erring out your commands



(NB it is recommended that you take a backup of your Active Directory before proceeding)
Log into a Domain Controller
Open up Active Directory Site and Services
Click on Edit menu and show Services
Expand services as follows
Services => Microsoft Exchange => Administrative Groups => Exchange Administrative Groups => Servers
Right click the old server and proceed with delete option


Connect to the domain controler
Launch the run dialog (Windows Key + R)
Type in the command “adsiedit.msc” then click “OK”
Right click on the console then “Connect to:”
In the connexion dialog select “Well known Naming Context”
In the drop down menu select “Configuration”
Expand “CN=Configuration [domain]\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=[organization]\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Servers”
Right click on the dead or missing server and pick “Delete”
If there is database information we will need to delete as well, navigate to “CN=Configuration [domain]\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=[organization]\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Databases”
Expand each item, then click on them to find which is related to the old server, then right click and select delete.


Tested Platform

Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server
Microsoft Exchange 2010 server

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