Videos buffer on Mac BigSur with Chrome

When using Google Chrome on a MacBook Pro for streaming video from Bell TV’s web access the video loads and then buffers regularly, sometimes every minute sometimes every five minutes.

Running a ping test showed that packets were dropping and response times were also very high.

Using the Option key and clicking on the wifi symbol showed that the laptop was connected to the router on 2.4GHz.

Investigating the router showed that Band Steering was enabled to move devices from 2.4GHz to 5GHz if they were capable.

We removed Band Steering and connected to the 5GHz SSID and tested with lower ping responses.

Video streaming tests have been successful with no buffering.

Big Sur connecting on 2.4GHz may have issues with loading data so switching to 5GHz directly can resolve this issue.

Big Sur latest updates
Google Chrome v88.0.4324.150

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