Windows 10 wifi connected but no internet (Macbook with BootCamp)


Windows 10 Pro after updates in October 2019 started having difficulties loading web pages then right after patch Tuesday on the 12th November the laptops connect to the wifi network but cannot browse web pages, even though you can ping IP addresses and do nslookups.

When users connect via a wired network connection everything works as well as a 4g hotspot.

The Broadcom 802.11ac card has the following driver:

  • Driver Provider: Broadcom
  • Driver version:
  • Driver date: 2019-10-10
  • Signed: Microsoft Windows HCP


Actions taken

  • Updated Bootcamp drivers
  • Ran windows updates
  • Rolled back updates
  • Restored Windows to previous checkpoint
  • Updated Wifi drivers
  • Researched & reached out to the Meraki forum after being able to repeat the issue on a home Meraki network



  • Uninstall wireless adapter
  • Rescan. Adapter returns with older 2018 driver (2018-04-20 v7.35.118.83)
  • Disable updates (max is 31 days) until a better driver can be found

  • Test with success

Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363
Mac: Mac Air 7,2 (13″ 2017)
Wifi Card: Airport Extreme (firmware: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 7.77106.3)
Meraki MR52 + MR33 OS Version: MR 25.13.

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